Dangerous goods shipping


Every ground shipment containing dangerous goods entrusted to Med Express must be in conformity with the various provisions of the law and of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations Dangerous goods are articles or materials that may pose a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. Furthermore, they are subject to strict government regulations.

Responsibility of the shipper

It is the responsibility of the shipper to identify, classify, package, mark, label and fill out the proper documents to be included with the dangerous goods that will be transported. Concerning the documentation, the shipper can refer to the documentation section in the Guide on the Transport of Dangerous Goods for more information. https://www.transports.gouv.qc.ca/fr/securite-signalisation/securite/Documents/GuideTMD.pdf

The shipper must have received a dangerous goods training (packaging and expedition of TDG) as well as always have in his possession the valid training certificate (36 months). If a person does not possess this training, he can perform his duties under the direct supervision of a person with TDG training. Furthermore, the shipper must, if necessary, provide the identification placards for dangerous goods that are suitable for what will be transported.

**** Government of Canada requirements for Dangerous Goods Training can be found in part 6 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations.https://www.tc.gc.ca/fra/tmd/clair-partie6-121.htm***

For more information, we invite the shipper to refer to the applicable dangerous goods laws to ensure conformity before they proceed with the shipping.