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The carrier commits to transporting the items described upon request, according to the law of the province of origin (civil code for Quebec) and according to the terms and restrictions being an integral part of the rate on the date of shipment.


Barring written agreement, the carrier is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, resulting from a delay in delivery, notwithstanding the cause of the delay.


The carrier is not responsible for loss, damages or delays in the following situations:

  • Situations out of our control;
  • Riots;
  • Strikes;
  • Effects from law;
  • Defects or inherent vices on the cargo;
  • Defects made by the shipper or the owner of the cargo;
  • Nuclear reactions or contaminations by radiation or radioactivity.

The responsibility of the carrier for all loss or damages to the cargo transported is limited to 4,41$/kg and/or 2,00$/lbs, with a maximum of 50,00$ unless:

  • Contrary arrangement between the shipper and the carrier and if the name of the shipper appears in the endorsement of the cargo insurance of the carrier;
  • Superior value declared on the waybill: an extra charge of 3,00$ per 100,00$ value is applicable. The carrier is not required to accept any cargo with a value superior to 500,00$ unless there is an agreement to that effect.

Notice of loss or damages must be given to the carrier, at its regional office or main office, within 24 hours and by writing within 30 days after the reception of the cargo.

IMPORTANT : The carrier will not be held responsible for loss or damages to the cargo if it did not receive the written notice within 30 days after reception of the cargo.

For expeditions either destined to or originating from the province of Quebec, conditions provided for by the RT-200 formula, as stipulated by the Commission des transport du Québec, apply.


The carrier holds no responsibility for delays in delivery, notwithstanding the reason for the delays.